Friday, January 21, 2011

Scrapbook Armoire

This is a scrapbook armoire that I made out of a simple Walmart Armoire.

First, I sanded and primed all the pieces.  Then I painted them a cream color and rubbed stain over it all. I chose a neutral color so that over the years this piece could be put ANYWHERE in the house.  I wanted it to be flexible and I didn't want to have to repaint after a couple years!

Then I made the insert piece out of 1/2 inch MDF boards.  Super easy...but this was before I knew someone with a nail gun.  So I had a few sore thumbs when it was over!  I painted it all blue, and bolted it into the center board of the armoire.  I got my inspiration from this Martha Stewart Book. 

When I saw the armoire office...I knew it would be perfect for my scrapbook center.  With lots of kids and only 2000 sq. ft., I knew I'd never get my own room for it all.  This is so much better. 
I keep a chair nearby that is the perfect height for me to work at the "table".  The best part is that when I am done working on my layout, I can just put all my supplies into one of the bottom spaces, and close it up until I have time to come back to it.  I never have stuff laying out anymore.  And I don't have to drag stuff out of a closet to the kitchen table...and then back again!

 The magnetic boards are from IKEA, as are the magazine holders and photo boxes (white and blue).  The small spice containers are from World Plus Markets.  They look exactly like the ones that Pottery Barn sells...only they cost a LOT less.  ; )  The larger ones on the bottom were from IKEA.  (Love that place!!)  On the magnetic board on the right, I have all our book club group photos over the years and some favorites of my family.

So, if you're like me and you don't have a room for your crafting stuff....pick up a cheap armoire and MAKE your own "ROOM"!!


  1. What a great idea!!! And the doors can be shut & no one would ever know! LOVE IT! You did a GREAT job. :~)
    PS ~ I came over from the link on i heart organizing.

  2. LOVE this! Such a great idea! And seriously, who wouldn't love to just tuck away all their craft stuff til next time? I am so impressed that you found inspiration and made it your own!

    Thanks for linking up and sharing! Virtual high fives to you!


  3. Wonderfully done! And you can hide it all away so easily. Enjoy your new space.