Monday, January 24, 2011

Organization Challenge

I linked up this post to an organization challenge over at the CSI project and I got picked in the top ten!  The #1 winner was my very favorite too! Check out her amazing coat closet re-do here.  You'll be amazed at what she did in such a tiny space!! Who would have ever thought to do that??

You can see all the entries HERE.  I have so many spaces that need to be re-organized right now!  Certain closets, sewing cupboards, the pantry...they were all organized PERFECTLY at one point, but life seems to have a way of ruining all that hard work!

My true problem right now is that I am suffering from a SEVERE case of  Project ADHD! ; )

I have begun a total re-do of our master bathroom.  (Pictures are on their way, I promise!) I've painted the walls, framed in the window in a simple craftsman style, and also framed the mirror in the same style.
In case you aren't familiar with that is the picture that I found in an incredibly helpful HOW TO article.

They all need to be given their last coat of paint and yet, I can't wait to get to the countless other projects I have been dreaming about lately.

After the trim work is done, I want to paint the vanity cabinet an espresso brown and build a cubby or shelf unit to fill in the empty space under our countertop--which will also be painted brown.
This space drives me crazy!  It is completely wasted space, but when we were building, we didn't want to spend $500 to get a second cabinet there.
I plan on dressing up the whole space with some handles or knobs on the drawers/doors and a new light fixture.

I also want to spruce up this headboard that I found on KSL for 20 bucks.  I'm planning on putting beadboard (I have enough leftovers still!) in the 3 recessed areas.  Then I will paint it all white and probably rub a stain all over it.  This goes in one of my kids' rooms.

While in Home Depot shopping for my bathroom project, I saw this 24" round...and decided to make a lazy susan for my large square table.

I brought it home to see how it fit...and I think it will be perfect!  Some day maybe it will be as cute as this one...just not yellow!

Then I want to install board and batten on 2 walls in my Living Room and 3 walls in my Master Bedroom.  And I really wish I could have it all done in a week or two! ; )

One reason I have thought of all these projects is that I am currently borrowing my friend's nail gun.  Which. I. NEED!!  ; 0   But, it's good to have friends who are willing to share!

Sadly, I have very little "Zen" in me...I have a hard time enjoying the journey.  I am always impatient to have each project DONE and move on to the next!!

How about you??  Are you able to enjoy all the steps to completing a project?  If so, please share your tips and tricks!

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