Friday, January 21, 2011

Becoming Addicted...

I have just recently found a whole bunch of amazing blogs...mostly DIY'ers.  I am seriously getting addicted.  It all started a few weeks back when Becky Higgins (a famous scrapbooking lady that I follow) mentioned a post on Centsational Girl.  It was this one.  AMAZING.  Then I started searching that blog...drooling over the kitchen redo, the amazing staircase, all the furniture re-do's.  LOVE. IT.  That is my kind of blog!

Then she did this post....and that led me to a THOUSAND other blog posts about Board and Batten projects.  But THIS ONE is my ALL TIME favorite.

And now...I have 2 or 3 Board and Batten projects planned for my own house.  And I will be starting them next week!!  I seriously cannot wait.  I was ready to start the Living Room this week, but then I realized that the 30 Gallon Fish Tank would have to be moved and my husband didn't have the time. ; (

So over the last 2 days, I've been working in our Master Bathroom.  Painting the walls a medium green to compliment the Deep Gray Green in our bedroom.  And I framed the window AND the mirror.  When I saw this post just 2 days ago...I knew I had to do it!

I'll post before and after pics and some how-to's early next week.  It is SO easy, really inexpensive, and it makes such a difference.

So, just in case you have some extra time this might want to check out some of these amazing blogs.

Centsational Girl

Evolution of Style

House of Smiths

Isabella and Max Rooms

The Idea Room

When I see what all these ladies are doing, it can get a little overwhelming.  So there are two things that I have to repeat to myself (over and over) until I feel better.

#1:  This woman does not have 5 kids...This woman does not have 5 kids.... ;  )

#2:  This woman and her family of 7 are (obviously) not living on one teacher's salary.  ; )

But on the bright side...I'm probably looking at a better tax return next month!  ; )

Have a great weekend.

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