Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Master Bathroom...Done for Now!

Well, I finished this leg of the bathroom project.

Framed the window.
Framed the mirror.
Installed a new light fixture.

I love it!  It just really freshens the whole room and makes it looked finished.  It now has style!

So, here's the before...  (I actually forgot to take the picture until I had already started working, but you get the idea) Total builder grade...nothing fancy...just plain EVERYTHING!

And here's the after:

Later, I'll come back and paint the vanity cabinet and build in some cubbies.  But first I want to tackle some other projects.  I have three picture frames that I'm going to spray paint and put above the make that be less of a sea of green.

I am really happy with the color.  It turned out a custom color because I tweaked it a little...then had to go get it matched when I ran out of paint.  And then I actually had them add a tiny more black so that it could be more gray-green and less yellow-green.

I am pretty sure that the workers at Sherwin Williams hate me!  ; )

Here's a few pics of the process:
 On all of the windows I have framed, I want the sill (technically called the stool) to be thicker than the 3/4" width of all the MDF boards.  So I use a 1/4" sheet of MDF and add a piece to make it 1 inch thick--but just under the part of the stool that protrudes out from the wall.  NOT on the part that goes into the existing window box, because that would make it too thick next to the window.  So, I use liquid nails and my handy clamps to add that piece after I've nailed the stool into the window box.

Whenever I've seen people frame in their mirrors, they simply use liquid nails and put the framing right on the mirror.  I felt like my top piece would cut out too much mirror space and was a little heavy, so I used that same 1/4" MDF board and nailed a piece of it right above my mirror.  That way, I could NAIL the top part of my frame into this board.  And it would make the wall area completely flush with the mirror so I could shift my top piece UP and leave more mirror showing. 

Just a NOTE:  if you are planning on changing your light fixture (which I did), it is probably a good idea to buy that first and install it (which I did not!).  That way, you will know exactly how much room you have to work with.  When I finally went shopping for the new light, I realized that MOST of the downward light fixtures were too flush with the wall and would hit the top of my frame.  But, I found this one that I like, for now, and I actually ended up really liking the diffused quality of the light with the fixture going upward.

This next picture is really important! ; )  If you are planning on doing this attention CLOSELY!

You MUST paint the back edge of your MDF board that will be on the inside of the frame.  The mirror will reflect the back of your board!  Likewise, you DO NOT want any of your liquid nails to encroach on that space.  SO....make sure that you put your bead or blobs of glue far enough away from that painted edge that it won't even smoosh over.  On a couple spots, I had to quickly pull the board back off the mirror and wipe of a little glue that had seeped over too far.

This is the edge of the frame and mirror that you have a view of from the doorway (the other edge is right in the corner).  I simply taped this off, caulked it as smooth as possible, and painted it ALL white--the little bit of MDF showing and that dark edge of the mirror.  

Here's the edge all painted...

Here's a link to the article that I followed to assemble the header board and cutting/painting tips for the frame.

All the framing supplies for both the window and the mirror only came to $ I'd say that some serious bang for your buck!    I love it!  Now, on to the next project!

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  1. It looks beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing this, you've inspired me to do something with my plain mirror in our master bathroom ;)