Thursday, January 20, 2011

My New Laundry "Room"'s more of a closet...but now it makes the most of every inch!

In our house plans, our laundry was originally placed right inside the back door.  So you would walk by it every time you came in from the garage.  That was the first problem...the second problem was that there was no pantry.

So I opted to move my laundry upstairs into the "loft" area and leave the space open downstairs to build in pantry cupboards (which I did back in 2007).

I have DREAMED of doing this built-in laundry system for all the years that we have lived here.  Once we had our 5th child, it really became important to me.  The biggest obstacle was that I would have to buy new machines: Front Loaders.  When I found a pair in the online classifieds for a great deal, I knew it was time to get this project done!  I bought the cabinets (IKEA), the sheets of MDF (Home Depot), and the paint (Sherwin Williams)...then just waited for the countertop to be installed.  That was the one thing I couldn't do myself!

I love how the countertop turned out.  It is Formica "Smoke Quarstone" and it has the Radiance Finish...which means it has tiny spots that reflect light almost like fish scales....I love it and I love how it sets off the blue walls.

Here's what it looked like before: ( just so you can appreciate the difference!)

I found this divided tray at TaiPan Trading.  I fell in love with it and actually had NO idea what I would use it for...but it became the inspiration for the whole project.  I put my Spray and Wash in the clear spray bottle and my Ajax Orange dish soap (it works wonders on stains!!) in the glass bottle.  I use the other cubbies for the random things that come out of my children's pockets.... ; 0

I also have this little sign that I found at Hobby Lobby.  I love it because it reminds me of why I have SO much laundry to do...and that it really is a great blessing! ; )

And here's what it looks like IN REAL LIFE...each of my kids has their own cubby.  I have ALWAYS wanted cubbies so my kids can put away their own clothes and most of all, so that laundry NEVER has to be moved to another part of the house!  I LOVE it!

The silver bins are used for a garbage bin, a recycling bin, and to store plastic bags.  I have a plastic bin inside one cupboard for lonely brings me such joy to find them each their match! ; )

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  1. Well done! Laundry must be a challenge with five(!) kids, and I love the sorting/folding area for all of the clothes. Great ideas! Thanks for linking up to my first Room Evolution party! Looking forward to seeing more.