Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Our year {so far} in photos...

I haven't really posted very many photos lately, so I thought I would just fill a 
whole post up with all the goodies.

We recently hosted an event on campus where 15 artists from the Bindu Art School came and painted. The art school was founded by an Austrian artist to teach leprosy patients in one of Rising Star's colonies. It is an inspiring thing to watch these men and women paint with missing digits and clawed hands.

Everybody there wanted this painting when she was finished. It was amazing!

 This is Velu, one of our drivers, who absolutely loves Cohen
...he calls him 'Cohen, my friend' whenever he sees him.

One day out on Medical, Velu picked up this little goat for Cohen to hold. Cohen was in heaven!

...and here they are playing around with Cohen's rubber snake, Rattle. Velu thought is was so cool and wanted me to take a whole bunch of pictures with it.

Avery with the same adorable goat!

Liberty with Vaishnavi K. out at playtime.

This is Durga Devi and everyday Lon tutors her after school.

The girls and I out with the Mobile Medical Clinic...

The kids absolutely LOVE to play with our kids.

Camry with Vignesh N. and Priyadarshini P.

Cohen and Avery have LOVED, LOVED, LOVED playing soccer with the boys every day for the last month. They can't wait for 4:45 pm to roll around.

 That's all for now....but there are many more to come as we now take our camera everywhere so we can make sure to record it all before we get on that plane to America. ; )

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