Wednesday, March 11, 2015

30 days and {sadly} counting...

Believe it or is HOT here already! Like, 90+ degrees every day. Crazy. That is the only thing that makes me feel like I want the days to go quickly--we gotta get out of here before the awful humidity comes back.

But everything else makes me wish for the days to last longer and the weeks to 
stretch out so they will stop flying by.

We have 30 days left.  Even as I type it, I think, "How is that even possible? 
How have all these months gone by already?"

My plan is to soak up all that I love about India, to drink in the beauty, the beautiful colors, and all the crazy sights. To love these kids with all my heart, to cherish the time I have left associating with all the amazing staff here, to hope and pray that the Lord will give me a way to return. Soon.

(This is what the sky looks like every night as we walk home from playtime.)

I really want to just focus on the good, on the blessings that we have had here. 
Because, of course, there are some days that are just hard.

There have been days when I have longed to be home...wishing away the noise and the chaos and the inconvenience that life can serve up over here. As my very wise husband said just the other night, "Life her is definitely simpler, but it can also be harder."
One of those days, a couple weeks ago, put me into a rut for an entire week.

Camry and I had just endured a long and grueling day at the hospital. Months 3 months ago...she had started getting an ingrown toenail that got really infected and we were unable to fix on our own. It had gotten so bad that we were actually ready and willing to go to the hospital (eek!) and have it cut out. (Remember...all the doctors are at the that is where you go even for just a normal check-up.)

It is always a long day with lots of waiting and inefficiencies. The hospital is NOTHING like our American hospitals. It is dark and not anywhere near American standards of cleanliness, though, I admit, it is way above regular Indian standards.

I will try to make a long story (and a long day) short...

We saw a doctor over in Block A (which unbeknownst to us was the "posh" area) who said he could operate the next day and that she would need to be admitted into the hospital for the day. We said, "Great". Then we found out the cost: 20,000 rupees.  (about $330--which is an absurd price)

When we told them "No way," our nurses took us over to Block D--the "poor" block. After more lines and more waiting and more consultations, we were told that they could do it for 3,000 rupees but that Camry AND I would have to stay in a common ward in the hospital for 3 days.

(You see, when you are rich, you will be given an appointment for your surgery, but when you are poor, you must be admitted into the hospital and ONLY THEN can you be put on the waiting list for your surgery...and it normally takes 2-3 days for your name to be called.)

So after we told them "NO WAY" again....we headed home.

We were hot and exhausted and so discouraged. On the way home, I could tell we were both so bothered by the raucous horns, the stop and start traffic, the bumpy roads, and the noise and crush of humanity all around us.  I found myself, on that day and the days following, dreaming of the quiet, smooth roads of home...thinking how nice it would be. I noticed that the feeling started growing in me...I would smell the all-too-common sewage smell and think, "Ugh, I can't wait until I don't have to smell that anymore!" or I would eat another plate of rice and just be dreaming of salads and pasta.

It lasted for nearly a week, until I realized--this is not how I want to spend my final weeks here. I do not want to feel "sick" of being here and anxious to be home. I don't want to wish any of this away because all too soon, 
it will be over.

Luckily...both of our stories have happy endings!

Camry was able to have her toe operation just two days later and she was at the hospital for a total of 2 hours and it was free. Our own little miracle...and a total answer to prayer and fasting! 
(One of Rising Star's Board Members is a director at the hospital and within ONE HOUR 
of arriving at his office, the surgery was done!) 

 God watches over us and can work amazing miracles!

And me? Well, I woke up one morning and headed to the roof for yoga...and somewhere between my sun salutations and savasana--gratitude and I reconnected. There is nothing like an open sky and palm trees swaying in the breeze to bring you back to where you want to be!

I am so grateful for this life-changing experience. I expect that we will see the fruit of our sacrifice for years to come. I hope that my kids will always remember the serving and the loving and the blessings...even though right now they sure are getting excited about visiting a Wendy's again!

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