Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Lesson from the Lorax

This is our Sunday School teacher here in Chennai. His name is Brother Sathiyaraj.  But I lovingly refer to him as The Lorax.

It is half because of his Lorax-ish mustache and half because of the charismatic way he imparts his wisdom...just like the Lorax. : )

A couple Sundays ago, he gave the most touching and profound lesson. I have to share it with you because it really shows a very endearing part of Indian people.  

They speak very straightforward English and use very sincere and genuine statements to convey their message. For instance, when Cohen, Avery, and I go to the library and check out a dozen books each time, the poor librarian has to hand write every last detail...including price... of each and every book and I say, "I am so sorry. I would be happy to do that for you." She says with a sweet smile, "No, ma'am, I am happy to do it--it is my duty."  When I saw a young woman sweeping the steps of the hostel and I said, "That is so wonderful and thoughtful of you!" She said, "It is my joy, Auntie." There is no false modesty and no pretense. They mean what they say. (Another quirky thing is their cultural norm of saying what they the day when a nurse told me that I should braid my hair like hers because "that no look good", as she waved her hand near my claw clip and up-twist. ; ) But that is a blog post for another day...)

Back to the Lorax...

He ended his lesson with a Powerpoint presentation entitled "Install Love".

I LOVE things like this that are so straight forward and simply presented. I am always touched by a humble, unadorned presentation of truth. And it didn't hurt that the Lorax was so evidently enjoying sharing this with the class. It made me laugh and smile and want to "Install Love" in my heart. ; )

It is an illustration of someone calling for help on "Installing Love."
 Christ is the tech support who picks up the call...

I skipped a couple slides to shorten it...but basically the customer installs is, says it is up and running and then says, "Oops...I have an error message! The tech support answers, "No problem, I know how to fix that."

It ended with the Tech Support reminding the customer that Love is be sure to pass it along to everyone you meet!

Install Love really is simple!

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