Monday, April 29, 2013

How to fix that pesky Duvet!!

I have never owned a duvet before, but all my friends seem to have them and seem to like them.  So when I bought my first one for my daughter's room, I was a little disappointed.  I hated it!

It slid around everywhere and never looked good on the bed.  The duvet itself always bunched up inside of the cover and it seemed like so much work every morning to get it made.  My daughter would normally make her own bed, except when she leaves for school my son is still asleep in it! So the chore always fell to me.

Then one day, I was talking to my sister while I made the bed and I grumbled to her and she said, "I know how to fix that!"  Her mother in law is an amazing seamstress and chef and you can count on her to know ALL the tips and tricks for anything related to the kitchen or sewing.  (For instance...if you wrap a cut onion in foil it keeps it from making your whole fridge smell like onion!)

So my sister told me her little tidbit of wisdom...   Sew loops onto the corners of the duvet and ties on the inside corners of the cover.  Genius!!

I did it the next day and it has worked like a charm!!  I had just cut the hem off of a sheet that I was using for a quilt and it was the perfect free thing to use for these ties.

 I simply cut a few short pieces like this.  You could use any fabric like this or even bias tape from the store.

Sew a small piece on the corner of the duvet itself, like this...

Then sew ties in the inside corners  of the duvet cover.

You can just do the four corners or you can do like I did and also sew one tie/loop pair in the middle of the top, bottom, and each side.  So I ended up with a total of 8.  One in each corner and one in the center of each side.

Then simply start with the opposite end that your duvet cover closes. Tie each corner to the matching loop as you insert the duvet into the cover.

Place it on your bed and just ENJOY how it STAYS PUT now!!

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