Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Laundry Love!

I think I am in love....well, of course I am...I've got a great man!!

But, I am talking about a wonderful new product!!  ; )

Last time I was at Walmart, I saw a huge display of these new Downy Unstopables.  They have a fresh scent or a lush scent.  They both smell so amazing.  I literally sat there for 5 minutes smelling back and forth trying to decide which one I wanted....only to walk away empty handed because I couldn't decide!!

So today, I just thought I would try one...so I grabbed the fresh scent and came home and threw a VERY LITTLE bit in with my laundry.  It was HEAVEN.  I am so excited!!  I have front loading machines and they can get musty very quickly and if I forget a load overnight it is bad news.  But I think just a few of these granules will help the clothes and the whole machine stay FRESH smelling....and then when I run out of these, I will move onto the LUSH and then decide which I prefer!

They are a little pricey (6.97), but I figure if it keeps me from re-running loads and saves me oodles of time AND keeps everything smelling PURTY...then it's totally worth it!

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