Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh my {*#@*#} temper!

I have been struggling with my temper lately.  Well, actually, my family would probably say I haven't been struggling with it enough!  ; )  I'm certainly not winning the fight! ; )

But I {hope} I'm not alone in this, so I thought I would share a couple things that I have found.

First of all, I would HIGHLY recommend this book to every mother who ever feels like SHE'S GONNA BLOW!
It really is helpful!  It is written by a Christian woman with a lot of common sense and some good advice from the Bible to help us improve!  I own it...and I am always willing to lend out books!

Just yesterday I found an article that talked about how anger is actually a form of selfishness.  Hmm...that really made me stop and think!!  I know that I STINK at seeing situations from any perspective other than my own.  One line that stuck out to me was:

The key to overcoming a spirit of anger and contention, then, is to overcome selfishness—to try to infuse empathy and compassion into our relationships. 

And I also loved these questions from the article.  I though I would share them, just on the off chance that someone else out there struggles with anger every once in a while!  ; )

Can we agree that being angry is a choice we make, not a response that can’t be controlled?

How can our family make a united effort to abandon anger, to give it up like other bad habits?

Can we ask for help during family and individual prayers to have better feelings for one another so that feelings of love and respect can replace contention and anger? 

Oh...and just to finish off.  I don't know where I read this, but I think I need to put it up in vinyl somewhere in my house!  I sometimes repeat it to myself and try to beat it into my VERY thick skull:

Patience is a CHOICE.  Impatience is a HABIT!

If you have found something {anything!} that helps you...I would LOVE to hear about it!

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  1. I want to borrow that book. I think we're the same. I could use some defusing now and then.