Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas Elves in India!

It has finally cooled off over here and has settled into a beautiful, breezy place...with lows around 65 and highs around 78 or so.  It's LOVELY.

But if you ask the's COLD!!

Our dance teacher, Summer, and Brooklyn and I have been going out on early morning walks through the village. Now that it is "cold", everyone has their winter hats on.  And all the babies look like little elves.
And never mind that they are in sweaters and hats but completely naked on the bottom half! ; )

This is a little me, I am absolutely positive. ;) And all the adult women (including our housemothers) are now wearing these little knitted head-kerchiefs in the mornings and evenings.

 I caught this little boy without his winter cap on. And right after I snapped the photo, he actually broke out crying and ran down the street. : )

There is a beautiful mist blanketing the countryside and we decided to veer off the road onto a cattle path.  It was simply breathtaking.

I have never thought a cow was cute before I came here...but, seriously, look at this little guy. I took this photo specifically for Cohen who is obsessed with baby animals over here.

And here is the same little elf just this morning. We are so conditioned in the West to think pink=girl, so I have to keep reminding myself that I am looking at a boy. ; )

And here he is with his Grandfather...

Here are some other little beauties that we saw on our walk this morning... 

She is the granddaughter of one of Rising Star's drivers. They have the same eyes! 

This grandma was so proud of here little grandson. Yes, I promise....this, too, is a boy!

I love this home.... Every time I walk by it, I chuckle at the juxtaposition. Two huts...and old rickety bike...a baby cow tied to the post...and a satellite dish.

This is a brand new Public Health sign painted on the wall of the village school. It made me laugh so hard. It is by Unicef...and, though I don't read Tamil, seems to be encouraging people to use the toilet instead of the bushes. :) 

Just a little India craziness to start the day!

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