Monday, July 28, 2014

Our crazy Cohen

I just have to share a couple adorable and funny things that Cohen has said and done because I just do not want to forget them! 

During the weeks that we were without the internet, the kids had to get pretty creative about things to do to pass the time. 

The first thing they did was to open "Cohen's Kitchen". He and Avery made up a menu of all the things that could be had in our kitchen...toast with butter, toast with jam, sliced bananas, chocolate milk. Apple juice, scrambled eggs, peanut butter sandwich, and "digestive" crackers. They made paper money for every person and set up their whole restaurant station the night before.

As I tucked Cohen in to bed that night, I saw a note taped to his wall. In his own handwriting, it said, "Cohen...Hurry and wake up! Breakfast awaits you!" ; )

They served many of us breakfast and lunch for a few days and had such a good time.

A few days later, I sent Cohen into my bathroom to take a shower and 20 minutes later he had made up his own way to take a bath in India. One day, he will seriously regret letting me take these pictures, but I am so glad I got them. He would sit in the bucket and then use the bathroom sprayer to fill it up. He is hilarious and has spent many happy hours with a couple buckets sliding all over the tile floor and sloshing around. 

One more funny moment...

Here at the school, each child has a metal cup and plate with their name carved into the bottom. We have one in our house that must be a child that is not here anymore. 

On the bottom it says AMUL.

One day, Cohen and Camry were in the kitchen together. Cohen was holding the cup and he looked up at Camry and said, "Somebody put the A word on this cup!" She took the cup from him, looked at the bottom, and then because she really thought he was teasing her, she said, "Are you kidding?".

"Well, Avery said the A word was something about a donkey," he said.

Oh my...we all had a great laugh about that one!

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