Saturday, June 28, 2014

Our beautiful little boy...

So here is the funny story from the sari shop...

We were at Express mall in Chennai just meandering through a few shops. I found a home store where I was able to find measuring cups, measuring spoons, and cutting boards for decent prices. We walked out of that store and saw a sari shop directly across from us.

The fabric is just amazing. There are endless choices. So many that I have no idea how I will ever choose which one I want to buy before we leave! After seeing a few sari shops, I have decided that saris are India's snowflakes...there are no two that are exactly alike.

We walk in and are greeted by two sales women who immediately start showing us saris.  There was one that was absolutely gorgeous and she pulled it off the hanger and wrapped me in it.

Then Avery picked one out to try on.

After it was clear to the saleswoman that we were not going to be talked into buying one that day, she turned to Claartje (our construction coordinator for the summer from the Netherlands) and tried to talk her into trying one on. When she refused, Cohen said, jokingly, "I want to try one!"

So they said, "Come, come." They thought it was hilarious. They wrapped him up and a male salesman came over laughing and gently teasing Cohen, "What a pretty girl". Cohen was loving all the attention. Then the man went and got a wig off of a mannequin and put it on Cohen.

Once he was all dressed up, they all wanted their own pictures with him. It was a total bright spot of the day! They got such a kick out of the little American boy that wanted to try on a sari.

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