Saturday, June 21, 2014

More thoughts...

This is an email that I sent to a couple friends and some journalling that I copy and pasted. It is very hard to not have internet...what a good lesson for us spoiled Americans. ; )

It is Friday morning here and the last couple days have been a little hard. I went to bed quite down on Wednesday night. We had thought we would be able to set up our computer (just for the kids to watch movies and for me to create documents or organize photos) and we were met with yet another obstacle when our adaptor into our Mac did not work with their monitor. The kids were really disappointed and it was hard. And then the girls found a scorpion in their room!! I was not here, but I got home and Lon told me that Libby and Avery called him in and told him there was a scorpion behind Libby's violin case. Both Camry and I had a hard time falling asleep that night. I was told that we would only occasionally see them out in the groves off the regular trails. It kind of is freaking me out that. It was up in our second story house!

Then yesterday, we were out at a leprosy colony with the medical team and Cohen and I were sitting off by ourselves and he said, "I want to go back to America." He was kind of down and really missing his friends. He is having the hardest time because he is still afraid of the children. But then we drove to a second colony and we got to see a whole family of monkeys, even a tiny baby one clinging to his mothers tummy and he found a big stick that he got to bring home and then we got to stop at a little cafe and have parota...which was super yummy. It was like a very light tortilla that comes apart in layers that you dip in this mild green curry sauce. Yummy!  and he had lost a tooth the day before and the tooth fairy had brought him 34 rupees (about 55 cents) and he got to buy his own pack of cookies. : )  So by the end of the day, his spirits were up.

The internet tower is being completely rebuilt and it will be at least a month. :( I am praying that it will only be a month and not two. Things happen very slowly here in my prayers are in earnest. It is very hard to feel so cut off from the world and it is definitely making the transition harder for the kids. We are lucky that we aren't in school online yet, so that is good. We will all survive and it will turn out fine I am sure. 

It is late Friday night now and we have not one, but two working computers now!! The kids are happy and we are happy. ;) we just finished our first Friday night Family movie night. It was Cohens choice so we watched the Lorax. The computer guy, Eeshwaraj, brought us the correct adaptor today so we were able to set up our home computer and he brought me a laptop that I can use for all my work. So we are very happy. We had a good day today. Lon and I are very happy and loving our jobs here and the people. My only worries continue to be the kids...but we will take each day at a time and today was good. :)

Here is a picture of Liberty by the sign for the church. Tamil as a beautiful language when it is written!  I had one of the housemothers write my name in Tamil and I am practicing!

Here is a picture of the Dance Master working with the children in the Dining Hall.  They love to dance!

Our view walking home from playtime with the kids one evening.  Absolutely gorgeous!!

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  1. What a neat adventure for your family! We love and miss you! Keep up the good work and fun posts!