Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Homeless in California

We are officially without a home...wandering the world with 6 suitcases and 6 carry-ons.

This last week was pretty crazy. We packed up the whole house and fit all our furniture in one room (except one couch and chair that we are storing at a friend's).

This was our progress at the beginning of last week. It basically stayed like this until Saturday morning when we piled all our mattresses on top of the box springs and then packed a couch, side tables, and kitchen chairs in front of them.
Photo: I am totally winning this game of Tetris! :)

Last week was also pretty sad as we said goodbye to friends...
This is Cohen with his buddies.  These boys were all born within 6 weeks of each other and we have a tradition of taking their pictures together every year. 

My beautiful and wonderful book club ladies.  We have been together for well over a decade! Love them!

Our dear friends that we couldn't live without...The Finlinsons and The Liechtys.

And probably the saddest farewell of all...Avery and Cohen with all of their stuffed animals.

You guys...maybe it is because they grew up with Toy Story, but my kids treat their dolls and stuffed animals like REAL people. They are so attached to each and every one, so it was very hard for them to pick which ones they would bring. Avery chose the three dolls that are in front of her in the picture. (She has one in her suitcase, one in her carry-on, and one in her personal bag...which was her rationale to me of why she could bring 3 instead of the 2 that I had told her.)  Cohen chose Rattle...the nasty rubber snake.

The papers in front of them are the MOST ADORABLE letters you have ever seen! The animals and kids that are going to India wrote notes to the ones that are staying.

Just to make life interesting, my washer quit working on Thursday morning. 
I had just bought a brand new dishwasher the day before!
 Never before have I bought three new (expensive!) appliances in one week. What a week! 
(Because of the way that my laundry room is built-in, we have to leave our machines for the renters.)

Oh well, it's just money, right? ...that's what I keep telling myself anyway.

Our trip to CA was quite pleasant.  It is SO wonderful to not have babies and toddlers
 anymore on days like this!

 Not only did Oreo have the most room in the car, he also ended up being the most comfortable.  At least half of the time, he just lounged on a pillow in Libby's lap. Spoiled little bunny! We even got him some fresh spinach at Subway. ; )

This was about the only unpleasant moment...we had stopped to deal with a disagreement and switch around seats and Avery was not in the mood to smile.

We have spent the last two days periodically allowing the two bunnies (my sister has a female lop-ear) to interact. Things are going quite well with just a few little nips from our bunny--he is the male, so, of course, he will assert his dominance as they settle in together. I hope, in the end, that they get along really well.

Next up....Boarding the plane on Thursday to start the real adventure. Wish us luck! I will take lots of pictures and give you all an update when we have landed, arrived at the school, & gotten some sleep!


  1. Good luck Thursday! What is the name of the girl from Book Club that is standing next to you? She looks like a girl from my Stake growing up, Heather Stewart. I wonder if it's her?

  2. Yes, Jen!! That is her. She is Heather Stewart Rice and she is from Vegas. (Thanks to Facebook I know her maiden name!) We were in a ward together about 13 years ago and have been friends ever since! Small, small world in the church!

  3. That is so cool! I went to a fireside recently where the speaker said, "The church is a small town." I liked that even better than "small world!" It would be fun to learn all the mutual friends throughout the church =).