Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Perfect Side Table for my lamp...

Over six months ago, I saw this lamp on clearance at Home Depot.  I did not have a single place to use a lamp of this size, but I just saw so much potential in its beautiful curvy base and the simple round lamp shade.  I LOVE this look compared to the more typical A-lined lamp shade.

So I bought it, put it in my closet, and started keeping my eyes open for a perfect side table.  It had to be small enough to fit with my living room furniture but large enough to balance the lamp.  I certainly didn't want something too small that one of my kids would surely tip over and CRASH... there goes my lamp!
Oh...and it really couldn't be very expensive!

I never specifically went shopping for a side table, but I just kept my eyes open wherever I might be...and it finally paid off!  My son takes a SuperHeroes dance class (it is SO awesome for a little 4 year old boy!) upstairs from a little boutique shop.  And there...just across from the stairs...was MY perfect side table!  With a price tag of only $45!!  Hooray!

This is what it looked like when I brought it home...

I decided to paint it a light mustard yellow.  Even more awesome...I was dejunking some old paint and came across a quart that was almost full of a light cream color.  So I took it into Sherwin Williams and had them just add some tint of a color I liked, had them tweak it once or twice, and found the perfect  color.  All for free.

Confession: I am a little bit obsessive when it comes to paint colors.  Out of the dozen colors I have painted right now in my home, only 3 of them are straight off of the color chips.  All the rest have been tweaked to my weird and crazy desires and then custom matched.  I think that the people that work at Sherwin Williams just cringe when they see me walk in!  ; D

I gave it a nice coat of the paint... (my FAVORITE paint in the is SO smooth and creates a beautiful smooth surface on furniture!)...and then rubbed it over with some gel stain.  I love gel stain!  The coolest thing is that it if turns out too dark, you can simply spread on more gel stain and then wipe with a clean cloth and it will remove much of the original stain!!  Even an hour or more later!   I did that a couple of times to get the right look I wanted.  And I am seriously in love with how it turned out...LOVE. IT.

It just brightens the room to have this adorable yellow table right by the window.  Now, I am scouring fabric stores to find the perfect fabric to cover the lamp shade.  I am looking for something to tie the room all together and also be a bit of a pop of color.  I have the most fabulous idea for covering it that I saw at a fancy, expensive I'll let you know how it turns out!

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