Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Crafts


I just wanted to share a couple adorable crafts that my kids have done.

The first one is a little gratitude turkey that has been our tradition for a few years.  I cut out "feathers" from construction paper and then each person writes what they are thankful for and makes a turkey with a paper plate.  We each draw our own turkey face on the front of the plate.  Every year, this proves that I am THE WORST ARTIST in my entire family!  ; )
This year, my 14 year old did a Jack Sparrow turkey....

My little 4 year old was determined to pick things that he could write all by "pig" and  "mat" made the list!  ; )

These little turkeys were made completely by my 11 year old.  She is so adorably crafty and she made these with my two little ones.  They are going on our table and we all love them!

She used a small piece of cardboard (from a cereal box) for the bottom to stabilize them.  Then all you need is walnuts, small rocks, leaves from the yard, googly eyes, and some yellow and red felt or fabric.  


Have a great day!!

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