Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Kissing Ball I haven't posted in a while...and mostly it is because I have not been doing projects.  To be honest, I haven't even completely finished the ones I was doing!  ; )

You know how it goes...they are about 90-95% finished and then you just lose all your momentum.  I have a LOT of caulking to do and I just dread I have been procrastinating!!  Instead, I have been reading up a storm.  So if you happen to be my friend on Goodreads, then you know why I haven't had time to do projects and post about them!  I am busy trying to keep up with my husband on our reading goals for the year.  He is a book or two ahead of does that happen??  He works ALL the time and he is still ahead of me.  Well, technically just in number of books...but I am sure I am ahead in number of pages!! 

Oh, and I must admit that I have been playing with my new iPad a litle too much.  That thing is just too versatile and so convenient. is a little spring project I did a little while back.  I love the look of kissing balls, but I've never made one.  I started to make some for Valentines day with those little crepe paper roses, but I never got around to buying the styrofoam balls.  So next Valentine's I will probably actually finish that project.  I have a box full of roses just waiting....

 These flowers were on a great sale at JoAnn's and my house was in need of some cheerful Spring decor.  So I thought they would be perfect....

I simply popped each flower off of its stem and put some hot glue on the back...

...and stuck them all over the ball.

I used some hot glue and a push pin to attach a beautiful spring ribbon (found at the Dollar Store!) and hung it in front of my mirror.  Then as I was scouring my house for other "spring-y" decorations, I remembered about these little chinese lantern lights.

Two years ago when we bought our patio set, we bought these.  I had envisioned them hanging from our patio umbrella and how darling they would look....well, we've never even brought them out of the box.  I love how they look on the mantel and I just plugged them into the outlet that is hooked to the lights above, so they all come on with one flip of a switch!!

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