Saturday, March 26, 2011

For the love of Apple!

I am so in love with this new iPad! My hubby had to talk me into it...and I was really not into it when he first brought it up. Then later, I said, "'ve got ten minutes to convince me!". Of course, he just went to Apple's website, because NO ONE sells Apple like Apple! ; )

We were ready to invest in a new computer (we have an eMac that is 10 years old) instead we just bought a replacement eMac for $50 that fixed our problems with the old one ( broken DVD player and not enough RAM) and instead invested in the iPad. And I. LOVE. IT!!

Now I am constantly perusing the App Store to see what new goodies I might want to add. When I get done playing with my new toy, I do have a couple of posts to write about a cute spring decorating idea and some other random things!

Have a great Saturday!!

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